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Brazilian Flame

Brazilian Flame Upper Tray and Glass Cover Set

Brazilian Flame Upper Tray and Glass Cover Set

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Having more than one Upper Tray product for your rotisserie grill can significantly enhance your grilling experience for several reasons:
  1. Flexibility: Owning several trays lets you diversify the food you're cooking. Grill meat on one while roasting vegetables or baking bread on another. This flexibility opens up new culinary possibilities and caters to diverse dietary preferences at the same time.

  2. Hygiene: Using separate trays for different types of food can help prevent cross-contamination, ensuring both the delicious taste and safety of your food.

  3. Volume: Extra trays enable you to cook larger quantities of food simultaneously, which is especially beneficial when hosting large BBQ parties or events.

  4. Creativity: With the capacity to prepare different recipes in distinct trays, you have the freedom to experiment and get creative with your BBQ menu.


Remember, these upper trays are specifically designed for models that include an upper tray. Expanding your collection of trays therefore enhances your grilling experience and maximizes your rotisserie grill's potential.


  • Trays designed for our rotisserie grills.
  • Heat the meat after the cut.
  • Make other recipes in the tray.
  • Tray combines the lightness and durability of aluminum with an industrial design.
  • Includes the Glass Lid in the Set
  • It is also possible to utilize the tray to offer the greatest items at your BBQ.
P.S.: This set is designed only for the models with the upper tray included.
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