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Brazilian Flame

Brazilian Flame Chef's Knife - Versatile

Brazilian Flame Chef's Knife - Versatile

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The Brazilian Flame Chef Versatile Knife is a handcrafted marvel made from premium 420c stainless steel, renowned for its military-grade strength, durability, and precision cutting abilities. This knife is designed to maintain a razor-sharp edge over extended periods, offering exceptional balance and weight for comfortable and efficient use.

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Versatile in Every Aspect

This versatile knife can handle a variety of tasks, from cutting meats and vegetables to dicing and mincing. Essential for any chef who wants to create beautiful meals in the kitchen.

Ergonomic Handle

The shape of the wooden handle makes it easy to hold, so you can easily control the knife as you cut. It also adds a touch of elegance to your kitchen décor.

High-Quality Stainless Steel

Made with 420C stainless steel, this knife is built to last. The blade is razor sharp and holds its edge well, making it the perfect choice for slicing through meat, poultry, and fish.

An Elegant Knife Sheath

Our knives come with a genuine, high-quality, and sturdy cowhide leather sheath. Each sheath is handmade by a craftsman to fit the right size and shape of a knife, forming a fitting pair with each knife.

A Real Jewelry

Every and each one of our knives are made with a unique and eye-catching handle design using high quality and chemically stabilized resin material together with the Imbuia wood. No knives are made the same. Each has a different color and unique shape. IT IS A REAL JEWELRY.

The Perfect Gift

This elegant and unique handmade steel knife is an excellent gift for a special friend, family member, co-worker, or to enrich your private knife collection.

Brazilian Flame Chef Versatile Knife, Stainless Steel 420c - Handmade Knife (KF-REF004)

  • CHEF VERSATILE: Crafted by hand from high-quality 420c stainless steel, its military-grade strength, lifelong durability, precise cutting ability, razor-sharp edge, and low maintenance requirements make it a reliable tool. The blade remains sharp over extended periods, offering an ideal balance and weight for prolonged use.
  • USE RECOMMENDATIONS:Ideal for cutting meat, vegetables and general cuisine. Suitable for professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts.
  • UNIQUE JEWELRY DESIGN:Each knife is unique, featuring varying colors and shapes, making each one a true piece of jewelry.
  • HANDMADE HANDLE: The handles, made from exotic and distinctive Imbuia wood, offer excellent grip, durability, and visual appeal due to their strong composition and textured grain.

  • REAL LEGITIMATE LEATHER: Each sheath, tailored to fit the specific knife's size and shape, is made by skilled craftsmen whose expertise has been passed down for over a century. These custom-designed sheaths enhance the knife's appeal and functionality.