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Brazilian Flame

Brazilian Flame Chef's Cleaver - Rustic

Brazilian Flame Chef's Cleaver - Rustic

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Brazilian Flame Chef Rustic Cleaver Full Tang High Carbon Steel 420c - Handmade Knife (KF-REF141)

    • CHEF BUTCHER CLEAVER: This curved blade cleaver is handcrafted with PRECISION-FORGED razor-sharp carbon steel blades. It is hand-finished for rustic appeal and provides military-grade strength, long-lasting durability, precise cutting, and low maintenance. This knife keeps its edge for a long time. This meat cleaver knife is ideal for chopping, slicing, deboning, and cleaving meats, as well as cutting vegetables and fruits and flattening garlic and ginger.
    • INDICATION OF USE: Meat, bone meats, vegetables, herbs, gristle, poultry, fish and cuisine in general. Professional Chefs, kitchen lovers, etc.
    • UNIQUE JEWELRY DESIGN: A excellent cleaver is essential whether you are a PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL CHEF or just like to mess around in the kitchen. So Brazilian Flame provides you with the finest and most unique cleaver that is not only excellent for slicing, dicing, cleaning meats, and julienne-ing but also attractive and long-lasting. A good cleaver is the best way to quickly and safely prepare your food, and it is well worth the investment. THESE CLEAVER KNIVES WILL PROVIDE ONE OF THE MOST EXCITING EXPERIENCES EVER.
    • HANDMADE FULL TANG WOODEN HANDLE:  The exotic and unique Imbuia wood's strong composition and textured grain provide our cleaver handles with an excellent grip, durable composition, and aesthetic appeal. Our company believes in ethical and sustainable practices, and our wood handles are legally sourced from sustainably managed forests in Brazil.
    • REAL LEGITIMATE LEATHER: Our cleaver knife comes with a genuine, high-quality, and sturdy cowhide leather sheath. Each sheath is handcrafted by a craftsman to fit the exact size and shape of a cleaver, forming a matching pair with each knife. Our sheaths are specially designed for each knife model. They are made by specialized craftsmen who have passed down their knowledge from generation to generation for over 100 years.
    • Because this forged butcher knife has a higher carbon content, please clean and dry it after each use.
    • Cleaning the cleaver knife is as simple as using clean water and mild soap.
    • The blade does not rust or tarnish easily and requires little maintenance.
    • Hand washing is recommended. DO NOT USE IN DISHWASHER.
    • After cleaning your knife, place it inside the leather sheath.
  • Due to the cleaver's robust and rustic appearance, it must be kept clean, dry, and lubricated with kitchen oil.
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