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Brazilian Flame

Brazilian Flame Chef's Knife - Brisket

Brazilian Flame Chef's Knife - Brisket

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Brazilian Flame Chef Brisket Knife Stainless Steel 420c – Handmade Knife (KF-REF092)

  • CHEF BRISKET: This knife is made with handmade, high-quality 420c stainless steel used in surgical applications. It is hand-finished to a mirror polish and provides military-grade strength, lifelong durability, precise cut, razor-sharp blade, and a low level of maintenance. This knife remains sharp for a long time. It provides a perfect weight and balance for use during a long period. The knife features a long, narrow, and straight blade with holes to create perfectly and uniform slices of brisket or any other long meat. A long blade allows the carver to make several passes with the knife remaining in the same groove, reducing tearing, off-center cuts, and uneven slices.
  • INDICATION OF USE: Special Brisket, turkey, professional chefs, kitchen lovers, etc.
  • UNIQUE JEWELRY DESIGN: Whether you are a PROFESSIONAL-LEVEL CHEF or just someone who likes to mess around in the kitchen, a proper knife is essential. So Brazilian Flame is offering you the best and unique knives that are not only absolutely amazing for slicing, dicing, cleaning meats, and julienning but also attractive and durable. A great knife is the best way to prepare your food quickly and safely, and it is well worth the investment. THESE KNIVES WILL BRING ONE OF THE BEST EXPERIENCES EVER
  • HANDMADE HANDLE: The strong composition and textured grain of the exotic and unique Imbuia wood give our knife handles an excellent grip, durable composition, and aesthetic appeal. Our company supports ethical and sustainable practices, and our wood handles are legally logged from sustainably managed forests in Brazil. 
  • REAL LEGITIMATE LEATHER: Our knives come with a genuine, high-quality, and sturdy cowhide leather sheath. Each sheath is handmade by a craftsman to fit the right size and shape of a knife, forming a fitting pair with each knife. Our sheaths are custom designed for each knife model. They are manufactured by specialized craftsmen who bring their experience from generation to generation for over 100 years. 


  • It should not be used to cut through frozen foods.
  • Cleaning the cleaver knife is as simple as using clean water and mild soap.
  • The blade does not rust or tarnish easily and requires little maintenance.
  • Hand washing is recommended. DO NOT USE IN DISHWASHER.
  • After cleaning your knife, place it inside the leather sheath.


NAME Chef Brisket
Blade Size 12 in (30 cm) 14 in (35 cm)
Handle Size 5 in (12 cm) 5 in (12 cm)
Full Size 17 in (41 cm) 18.5 in (47 cm)
Blade Thickness 0.08 in (2mm) 0.08 in (2mm)
Weight 6.6oz (188 gr) 7.6oz (216gr)
Box Weight 12oz (340 gr) 13oz (368 gr)
Box Size 16in x 6in x 1.5in 


(40.6cm x 15.2cm x 3.8cm)

21in x 6in x 1.5in 


(53.3cm x 15.2cm x 3.8cm)

Model (SKU) KF-REF092-12 KF-REF092-14
UPC 608037547095 608037547101
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