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Brazilian Flame

Brazilian Flame Container Tray

Brazilian Flame Container Tray

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Having multiple Container Trays for your grill can substantially elevate your grilling experience and make maintenance easier, due to the following reasons:

  1. Continuous Grilling: You can continue grilling without interruption, even while one tray is being cleaned or replaced. This is particularly beneficial during large cookouts or parties where the food is being cooked continuously.

  2. Extend Tray Lifespan: By alternating between multiple trays, you can extend the lifespan of each one. This is because each tray gets a rest period, reducing the continuous exposure to high heat and grease, which can degrade the tray over time.

  3. Hygiene and Safety: With multiple trays, you can segregate different types of food or sauces, preventing cross-contamination. Furthermore, by replacing a gunky tray with a clean one, you're ensuring a safer and more hygienic cooking environment.

  • KEEP YOUR GRILL CLEAN AND MESS FREE - The worst chore in the house has clean up the food from the grill. To save yourself the stress and time scouring your grill clean, just pop one of these trays into the bottom tray of the grill!
  • REUSABLE AND LONG LASTING - 1 aluminum tray can last a good while in the oven! It will be there to catch any grease, gravy, or sauce from your grill. Use the foil pan oven liner until it's gunky, then replace it with a new one. Use the foil pan oven liner until it's gunky, then replace it with a new one.
  • HIGHEST QUALITY MANUFACTURING - The highest-grade aluminum tray will not get scorched or brunt in your grill. Silicon trays, baking paper can all be dangerous, that's why we make these grill drip pans with the highest quality materials right.


In summary, owning multiple container trays for your grill not only makes your grilling process smoother and cleaner, but it also offers increased flexibility, safety, and efficiency.

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