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Brazilian Flame Carnivore Apron

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Material Color: Whisky
Brazilian Flame Chef Carnivore Apron Model (BF-CAR) 
  • CHEF CARNIVORE APRON: This apron is a craft with high-quality and 100% Brazilian leather. This line's leathers come in high quality greasy, full-grain, and wax finish. Leather aprons protect you from heat, cover your clothes, and are easy to clean.
  • INDICATION OF USE: Multi-use leather apron: designed not only for cooks but also for carpenters, barbers, forgers, blacksmiths, chefs, butchers, bartenders, baristas, tattoo artists, and so on.
  • UNIQUE DESIGN AND COMFORT: They are handcrafted, cut, and sew manually. The carnivore apron's cross back and waist strap style distributes the weight equally over your shoulders and back, so the apron doesn't weigh your neck down. You can wear your apron longer throughout the day. THESE APRONS WILL BRING ONE OF THE BEST CHEF EXPERIENCES EVER. 
  • REAL LEGITIMATE LEATHER: Our aprons are made with genuine, high-quality, and sturdy cowhide leather. Each apron is designed geared towards high durability. Our design does not just mean an attractive, unique appearance, but the quality of the material and the perfect quality also contribute to their look. They are manufactured by specialized craftsmen who bring their experience of each detail for each apron to fit them perfectly shape when wearing. This product's color may vary as genuine leather and show minor imperfections.
  • COMPOSITION: It comes with four accessories: an easy-access pocket, knife holder for your culinary weapon, kabob skewer, and dishcloth hanger. Easy to adjustable carabiners for rapid clips. Easy to hang and easy to pick up. .and consequently providing increased longevity and better ergonomics.
  • The apron can easily clean the leather apron with a damp cloth.
  • In the case of persistent stains such as grease, sauce, or dry pasta, the stained area should first be dampened to soften it, as repeated rubbing with damp, rough cloths can cause slight abrasion of the wax layer.
  • When you’re not using your apron, hang it or roll it, don’t fold to ensure any lines or cracks appear in the finish.
  • It is not machine washable.
  • (Measures: 2,9ft × 2,3ft 100% adjustable crossback straps of 1,2" length and 3,3ft width
  • Straps' leather: greasy leather