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Brazilian Flame Parrilla Salt Set - 5 Distinct Varieties of Salt in a Unique Set

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Experience the Heart of Brazilian Barbecue with Brazilian Flame Seasoning!

Ah, the Brazilian "Churrasco" – where skewers of perfectly grilled meats are a testament to a nation's passion for barbecue. From the bustling streets of Rio Grande do Sul to the serene coastlines of Bahia, the essence of Brazilian BBQ is its unique blend of flavors and traditions.

Now, we invite you to bring this iconic taste to your grill with Brazilian Flame Seasoning. Crafted with precision and love, our blend captures the soul of Brazil's culinary heritage. Whether you're grilling a juicy picanha or a tender fraldinha, a sprinkle of our seasoning promises an authentic "Churrasco" experience.

Dive into the flavors of Brazil. Light your grill, gather your loved ones, and let Brazilian Flame set your taste buds dancing to the samba of authentic Brazilian BBQ!

Robust and Aromatic

The seasoning boasts a unique blend of hand-harvested sea salt, smoky peppers, and aromatic garlic, replicating the rich and deep flavors synonymous with traditional Brazilian "Churrasco".

Versatile Across Cuts

Crafted to complement a variety of meats, from tender steaks to succulent chicken and juicy sausages, each cut gets its moment of Brazilian BBQ glory.

Natural Ingredients

Free from artificial preservatives and additives, this seasoning blend is made with only the finest natural herbs and spices, offering an authentic and clean taste experience reminiscent of a Brazilian grill.

Introducing the sizzling flavors of Brazil! Experience the vibrant taste of our Parrilla Brazilian Flame Seasoning collection, featuring 5 distinct varieties of salt in a unique set. From the smoky Chimichurri to the zesty Boudin Pepper & Garlic, elevate your culinary creations with these irresistible blends. Spice up your dishes and ignite your taste buds today!

  1. Parrilla Brazilian Sea Salt (5.3oz - 150g): Experience the essence of Brazil with our authentic Brazilian Sea Salt. Hand-harvested from pristine coastal regions, this salt brings a subtle briny flavor to your dishes. Its delicate crystals dissolve effortlessly, enhancing the natural taste of your ingredients. Elevate your grilling game with a touch of Brazilian coastal charm.

  2. Parrilla Sea Salt & Pepper (5.3oz - 150g): Infused with the perfect balance of sea salt and freshly ground pepper, this blend adds a bold and savory kick to your meals. The coarse texture of the salt and the aromatic heat of the pepper create a symphony of flavors that awaken your taste buds. Sprinkle it generously on steaks, roasted vegetables, or even popcorn for an irresistible seasoning experience.

  3. Parrilla Sea Salt & Fine Herbs (5oz - 140g): Indulge in the aromatic fusion of sea salt and a meticulously crafted blend of fine herbs. This salt blend brings together the freshness of rosemary, thyme, oregano, and other fragrant herbs. Perfect for seasoning grilled chicken, fish, or roasted potatoes, it adds a burst of herbaceous flavors that will transport you to the lush gardens of Brazil.

  4. Parrilla Chimichurri (5oz - 140g): Inspired by the traditional Argentinean condiment, our Parrilla Chimichurri salt combines the tangy notes of vinegar, the warmth of garlic, and the herbal richness of parsley. This zesty blend adds a burst of flavor to grilled meats, sandwiches, or even roasted vegetables. Experience the bold and vibrant taste of South America with every sprinkle.

  5. Parrilla Boudin Pepper & Garlic (4.2oz - 120g): Embrace the fiery flavors of Brazil with our Parrilla Boudin Pepper & Garlic salt. Infused with smoky peppers and aromatic garlic, this blend brings a touch of heat and depth to your dishes. Whether you're grilling steak, seasoning stir-fries, or adding a spicy kick to soups, this salt will ignite your taste buds and leave you craving for more.

Unlock the authentic taste of Brazil with the Parrilla Brazilian Flame Seasoning collection. Each salt blend is carefully crafted to bring out the best flavors in your dishes, ensuring an unforgettable culinary journey. Add a dash of Brazilian flair to your cooking and elevate your meals to new heights.