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Digital Timer and Temperature Control

You can set up the timer and see the temperature while you are grilling the food. The temperature can be changed by using independent knobs on the grill.

Brazilian Flame Multi-Skewer Rotisserie Barbecue Grill

  • ENJOY AUTHENTIC BRAZILIAN BARBECUE AT HOME: The Brazilian Flame is your personal steakhouse, allowing you to cook and enjoy authentic Brazilian barbecue at home for the first time, just like the “churrasco” you’d find in Brazil or any Brazilian steakhouse.

  • MULTI-SKEWER ROTISSERIE BARBECUE: This multi-skewer rotating system makes sure that your chicken, fish, steak, and vegetables are cooked evenly and taste much better than they would in an oven, skillet, or regular grill.

  • EASY-TO-CLEAN & SMOKE-FREE: This rotisserie grill is quick and easy to clean because it has a modern design and a tray for collecting grease. It also has cutting-edge technology that lets you get real BBQ flavor without smoke.

  • INDEPENDENT BURNERS & CURVED GLASS: Individually controlled electronic burners on the back and a curved transparent glass door improve visibility and roasting control. The rotisserie are compatible with standard propane tanks as well as one pound of propane via an adaptor on the valve.

  • AVAILABLE FOR THE FIRST TIME IN THE USA: Until now, nothing like this has been available in the United States. Fans of barbecue, grilled meats, Brazilian cuisine, and outdoor enthusiasts, this is your chance to get your hands on the first of its kind in America.


  • Digital Timer and Temperature Control
  • Curved Tempered Glass
  • Safe And Easy to Use and Clean
  • Available In Multiple Colors
  • Warming Tray on Top
  • Multi Skewer BBQ
  • Long Lasting Battery
  • Silent Operation
  • Independent Motors
  • Automatic Ignition System